ClearPeel® Millenium - Micro-needling units, Dermabrasion units

ClearPeel® Millenium

DESCRIPTION OF ClearPeel® Millenium - Micro-needling units, Dermabrasion units

ClearPeel® Millenium


one of the most indicated non-invasive cosmetic procedures to treat cutaneous alterations that affects men and women all over the world. ClearPeel Millenium brings to you most requested technologies to medical aesthetics treatments of the past few years[1].


ClearPeel® Millenium comprehend body and face treatments, covering a broad range of cosmetic indications and great associative methods with other existent technologies, such as LASERs, IPLs, chemical peelings and Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). There’s a plenty of clinical studies that comproves the clinical efficacy, safety and results satisfaction regarding ClearPeel® Millenium.

skin rejuvenation

soften fine lines and treat mild to moderate wrinkles

acne scars


age spots and pigmented lesions

post-traumatic or post-surgical scarring

skin quality improvement


ClearPeel® Millenium works over different layers of skin, in both deep and superficial levels of procedures that can easily be adjusted to the specific needs of patients. Relying on a vacuum system developed to bind together the perfect relation between pressure, air flowing and crystals with appropriate granulometry, also including differentiated handpieces, ClearPeel® Millenium allows for you to perform more aggressive treatments for striae, perioral wrinkles and acne scars.

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SPECIFICATION OF ClearPeel® Millenium - Micro-needling units, Dermabrasion units

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