BL-S07 - Micro-needling units, Dermabrasion units


DESCRIPTION OF BL-S07 - Micro-needling units, Dermabrasion units

Dermabrasion skin spa machine BL-S07

Work theory:

Water Spa Machine uses specifically designed hydropeel tips which gently exfoliate the skin using a derma planning motion. The spiral tips allow the SKIN SERUMS longer duration on the skin, whilst the spiral edges are designed to push the serums deeper into the skin producing a plumped up effect.

Water Spa Machine resurfacing treatment thoroughly enhances the skin using vortex technology to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate simultaneously. It merges soothing and invigorating spa therapies with advanced medical technology to achieve instant lasting results. The procedure is soothing, moisturizing, non-irritating, and immediately effective.

Water Spa Machine treatment is clinically proven to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores, oily or acne-prone skin, hyper pigmentation and brown spots.

Features( Water Spa Machine )

1. Suitable for all skin types

2. Ranked above IPL for skin rejuvenation

3. Provides non-invasive, non-surgical procedure options

4. How immediate results without discomfort or downtime

5. Targets specific skin concerns such as sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration, and oily/dehydrated skin

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SPECIFICATION OF BL-S07 - Micro-needling units, Dermabrasion units

Ergonomics: table
Treatment: micro-dermabrasion
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