Frigitronics® CE-2000™ - Cryosurgery units

Frigitronics® CE-2000™

DESCRIPTION OF Frigitronics® CE-2000™ - Cryosurgery units

The Frigitronics CE-2000 is a completely nonelectric, low-pressure, fully exhausted cryosurgical system that uses nitrous oxide gas. The system destroys tissue by applying extreme, controlled temperature down to a maximum of -89º C.

The CE-2000 consists of a control console with foot pedal, mobile equipment carrier, nitrous oxide cylinders and cryosurgical probes. Depress the foot pedal to rapidly freeze and release to defrost. The backlight display activates automatically when the foot pedal is depressed.

An automatic shut-off built into the system will stop the flow of nitrous oxide gas and will shut off the backlight and display approximately four minutes after the probe has been set aside. The system can be reactivated by simply depressing the foot pedal. A wide range of probes are available for use with the CE-2000.

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SPECIFICATION OF Frigitronics® CE-2000™ - Cryosurgery units

Ergonomics: tabletop
Options: ophthalmic surgery
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