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Breast implants and sizers are medical prostheses designed to change the size, shape and contour of a woman’s breast. Usually breast implants and sizers are used to correct congenital defects and distortions of the chest wall or to fix a natural looking breast by placing them inside a woman’s body. Breast augmentation surgery is another field where breast implants and sizers are used. The main usage in this case is  to improve or make breast look bigger.

Breast implants and sizers are classified by filler material into these categories: saline implant, silicone implant and composite filler:

1) Saline implant. Elastomer silicone shell is filled with sterile saline gel.

2) Silicone implant. Elastomer silicone shell is filled with viscous silicone gel.

3) Composite filler. Shells are filled with miscellaneous fillers such as soy oil, polypropylene string, etc.

Purposes of getting breast implants and sizers:

- Primary reconstruction. Breast tissues have to be replaced in order they are damaged by trauma, disease, or failed anatomic development.

- Reconstruction and revision. If previous breast reconstruction surgery was a failure and breasts need correction.

- Primary augmentation. To change the size, shape, and feel of the breasts in order to look aesthetically appropriate.

There are five incision types of breast surgery:

• Inframammary
• Periareolar
• Transaxillary
• Transumbilical
• Transabdominal

Recovery after breast surgery:

The surgical scars usually disappears approximately after 6 weeks after surgery, and fade within months.  There can be some complications and side effects after breast surgery which includes breast pain, visible wrinkling, asymmetry, symmastia, altered sensation, blocked breast-feeding function.

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