Meta-Ject FX50 - Dermatology, aesthetic medicine equipment

Meta-Ject FX50

DESCRIPTION OF Meta-Ject FX50 - Dermatology, aesthetic medicine equipment

The Meta Therapy treatment is exclusive to Dermatude, and performed with either the new Meta-Ject FX-100 or the original Meta-Ject FX-50. The Meta-Ject FX-50 is an easy to use, compact device which is digitally controlled. It regulates the preset frequency as displayed on the LCD screen. Because of the precision motor, the speed remains constant despite fluctuations in the power supply. The speed can be preset from 50 to 120 Jects per second, delivering over 2100 jects per second with the 18pt. facial module. The control panel with soft-touch keys is completely flat without edges or ridges to ensure it can be properly surface cleaned and hygienic.

Hand piece

The light-weight hand piece has an ergonomic design and is very comfortable to hold thanks to the balanced weight distribution. The disposable modules can be rotated easily into the hand piece. The depth can be varied to suit the various skin zones you are treating with an easy depth adjustment. The precision motor ensures no pressure is necessary to reach the required depth, alleviating unnecessary skin trauma.

Flex Head Technology

The stamp head has a slightly curved shape, so all points penetrate the skin with the same depth. The module also features Flex Head Technology. This allows the points on the stamp head to pivot and adjust itself to the skin’s surface, even if you do not apply the hand piece vertical to the skin.

ISO Certification

The highest European Standards are followed in the manufacturing of the Dermatude Meta-Ject FX-50 device. Dermatude is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility and meets the European Union Medical Standard EN 13485. The Dermatude digital device, patented disposable treatment modules, professional and consumer products, and comprehensive training offer the beauty professional the ability to perform procedures easily, safely, and efficiently. Dermatude offers a unique device with the ability to achieve more intensive results in the same amount of time because of increased speed and jects per second. The easy to use settings allow quick, precise set up, so you can focus on the treatment – the device will do all the rest.