FotoFinder Trichoscale pro - Trichoscopy Software

FotoFinder Trichoscale pro

DESCRIPTION OF FotoFinder Trichoscale pro - Trichoscopy Software

The new tool for the hair consultation!

FotoFinder Trichoscale pro quantifies hair growth and hair loss with a range of new functions.

FotoFinder Trichoscale pro sets new standards in trichology. The new program makes it possible to document and quantify diffuse hair loss digitally with previously unimaginable accuracy. All the fundamental parameters of hair growth and hair loss are calculated automatically, quickly, painlessly and with previously unimaginable accuracy. In contrast to other hair analysis programs, FotoFinder Trichoscale pro offers additional features and optimized measuring functions.

Benefits at a glance:

- Unlike the traditional trichogram, it is a painless procedure without epilation

- Calculates the number of hairs, hair density, anagen-telogen rate, number and density of vellus and terminal hairs

- Instant count mode for immediate calculation of hair density

- Special pro version for determining hair thickness (optional)

- Determination of follicular units – important for assessing success in hair transplants

- Optimized measuring area and manual correction function – for results with previously unimaginable accuracy

- Accurate, personalized reports as printouts or PDFs

- Study for validation as a basis for the program

- Now available as add-on for your dermoscope system or as stand-alone installation

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