Resusci Flow - Pediatric ventilators

Resusci Flow

DESCRIPTION OF Resusci Flow - Pediatric ventilators

Resusci Flow

■Simple operation supports manual ventilation.

With a face mask fit on the newborn baby, the user

can control the inspiratory time easily by operating

the T-shaped flow valve.

■Preset peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) and positive

end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) are applied each at a

constant level during resuscitation to ensure safety of

the infant.

■The unit supports manual ventilation in various

situations.In addition to manual ventilation through a

face mask, the unit is also useful in administering

free-flowing oxygen and providing manual

ventilation through an endotracheal tube.

■Optional CPR Timer

A chime ringing every 30 seconds indicates the time

to evaluate the neonates conditions. In addition, the

second counter counts up 6 seconds by turning on

the lamps one by one to calculate the infants heart


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SPECIFICATION OF Resusci Flow - Pediatric ventilators

Other characteristics: with adjustable PEEP, infant
Applications: emergency, transport
Ventilation mode: CPAP
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