fabian HFO - Pediatric ventilators

fabian HFO

DESCRIPTION OF fabian HFO - Pediatric ventilators

Fabian HFO has non invasive nasal ventilation which can be utilized with either nasal prongs or distinct sized masks. The third generation of fabian, fabian HFO neonatal critical care ventilator, is a three in one therapy system, which covers the following features Features perfect conventional ventilation with volume guarantee HFO with VG and DC02 alarms nCPAP and DuoPAP with leak compensation, flexible rate and inspiratory time.

The fabian HFO associates the latest technology. It has high frequency oscillation combined with volume guarantee conveys and maintains a consistent and conformable tidal volume to the patient. The fabian HFO is competent of ventilating babies to 30 kg in all conventionell modes.

The system is flexible and can be utilized with all breathing circuits available in the market bright, colorful one touch screen simple to use and notably silent solid and transportable (optional trolley, compressor kit, high quality patient arm maintenance friendly low cost of ownership.

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SPECIFICATION OF fabian HFO - Pediatric ventilators

Other characteristics: infant
Applications: resuscitation
Ventilation mode: high-frequency oscillation
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