MBX8100TB - Pediatric trolleys


DESCRIPTION OF MBX8100TB - Pediatric trolleys

"Basix ™ Pediatric Emergency Trolley works in conjunction with the Broselow ® Pediatric Emergency System. Each trolley has 30 inches (762mm) of drawer space, full-extension drawers and comes standard with a polymer work surface and polymer push handles. Select from a wide range of accessories to customize the trolley to your needs.

• Safe — The polymer base protects the trolley and surrounding environment from incidental contact. The base is designed to allow the 5"" (127mm) casters to be mounted outboard of the cabinet, which keeps the trolley stable when a fully loaded drawer is accessed.

• Ergonomic — Polymer top provides a user-friendly work surface. Optional accessory push handles can be mounted in an ergonomic fashion to allow for easy pushing or pulling of the trolley.

• Flexible — User defined configurations can be accommodated by filling an empty trolley shell with desired 3"", 6"", 9"" and 12"" (76, 152, 229, 305mm) drawer heights.

• Accessible — Full-extension drawers and a full array of accessories put equipment and supplies where needed for convenient access. Optional drawer dividers keep supplies neat and organized.

• Mobile — This cabinet comes with 5"" (127mm) diameter casters (2 with swivel brakes, 2 with swivel-lock) allowing it to be rolled easily from location to location or moved for convenience when cleaning.

• Accessories — A full array of task support accessories are available for above the work surface or the side of the trolley."


SPECIFICATION OF MBX8100TB - Pediatric trolleys

Other characteristics: pediatric
Applications: multi-function
Components: with drawer, on casters
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