S.W.A.S.H.® Classic - Pediatric hip orthoses

S.W.A.S.H.® Classic

DESCRIPTION OF S.W.A.S.H.® Classic - Pediatric hip orthoses

S.W.A.S.H. Classic is the original S.W.A.S.H.-orthosis. Plastic pelvic section extends from L2/L3 to the coccyx, providing maximum torso support for candidates with flaccidity or very limited trunk control.

Measurement text:

Measure 1 = Tigh circumference/Upright diameter

Measure 2 = Upright length


Studies can be ordered from Customer Support.

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SPECIFICATION OF S.W.A.S.H.® Classic - Pediatric hip orthoses

Applications: leg abduction
Patient type: pediatric
Type: hip dysplasia orthosis
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