Phonak Sky™ V RIC - Pediatric hearing aids

Phonak Sky™ V RIC

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DESCRIPTION OF Phonak Sky™ V RIC - Pediatric hearing aids

The hearing aid family for mild to profound hearing loss, specifically optimized for kids and teens. Listening to the specific environment such as shouting and yelling is improved to be comfortable and not damaging users eardrums. These new Phonak Sky™ V RIC hearing aids maintain mid-frequency and low sounds as much as high frequency sounds and it gives a user access to a wider range of sounds.

How does Phonak Sky™ V RIC work?
The sound is transmitted via thin wire to a tiny speaker into the ear canal.

Convenient technology:
The indicator light is visible and it shows that the device is powered on and it also warns when a battery is low.

Exclusive concept of these hearing aids gives the possibility to personalize ear hooks.

Default hook can be of different colors:

• Electric Green with Green hook
• Caribbean Pirate with Yellow hook
• Vanity Pink with Pink hook
• Alpine White with Blue hook
• Blue Ocean with Purple hook
• Majesty Purple with Orange hook
• All other housing colors come with a transparent hook.
• All housing and hook colors can be mixed and matched to clients needs.


Model: Sky V RIC

Battery: 13

Performance Levels (Compare): Premium (V90), Advanced (V70), Standard (V50), Essential (V30)

There are different Phonak Hearing Aid styles:

• Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) - The Audio B and rechargeable Audio B-R
• Behind-the-Ear (BTE) - The Bolero B is Phonak's BTE hearing aid
• Power Behind-the-Ear (BTE) - The Naida V
• In-The-Ear (ITE) - The Virto V

• Automatically adjust to child’s environments

• Provide a child with optimal auditory input for learning speech and language

• Know when a child’s hearing aid is on, Roger program is active, or the battery is low with the new easy to understand indicator light

• Sky V hearing aids that actually talk to each other, optimizing hearing as a child explores, learns and interacts with the world

• Resistant to water, sweat and dust, so nothing gets in the way of a child's fun

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SPECIFICATION OF Phonak Sky™ V RIC - Pediatric hearing aids

Patient type: pediatric
Hearing aid type: RITE
Options and accessories: waterproof
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