Tecotherm Neo - Other pediatric care devices

Tecotherm Neo

DESCRIPTION OF Tecotherm Neo - Other pediatric care devices

Tecotherm Neo utilises an innovative servo controlled design with instant feedback, monitoring the infant’s temperature every 2 seconds and making minute changes to the cooling fluid to ensure that the infant’s temperature remains stable. Simple alarms on the Tecotherm Neo alert staff should the temperature deviate more than 0.5°C from the set temperature. The large colour display shows the temperature clearly and colour changes alert nursing staff to any problem.

With several new features, the Tecotherm Neo can be programmed for a complete treatment cycle. The user can set the target temperatures, duration and even the rate of re-warming / cooling, thereby making it easy and simple to set up and use. Changes can be made at any time and all changes, set and measured parameters are recorded on to a memory card, every minute, for later analysis.


3 modes of operation for maximum flexibility in use

Clinician can set and adjust parameters at the start and throughout treatment

Data storage for allowing simple analysis of temperature profiles

USB output to CSV

Large colour screen is easy to see across the room

Small / Lightweight portable device

Internal battery restarts from same settings in event of power failure

Smooth, linear rewarming

Compatible with reusable or disposable accessories

Optional use of skin probes

Maintains normothermia after rewarming

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SPECIFICATION OF Tecotherm Neo - Other pediatric care devices

Other characteristics: infant
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