MaBim - Hospital baby bassinets


DESCRIPTION OF MaBim - Hospital baby bassinets


MaBim is the baby cot by Leura designed by Mitzi Bollani which allows the co-sleeping of mother and child and facilitates rooming-in, the practice of keeping baby in the room with his mother in order to develop maternal bonding. The mother-baby closeness accelerates the attachment process and has a stabilizing effect on the mother mood, other hand the detachment can cause the onset of postpartum depression. MaBim unlike the traditional cradles can be positioned next to hospital bed. Lifting its small rotating side, mom and baby come into direct contact, making child more secure and letting mother knowing the rhythm of his breath and slowly learning to rest in harmony with him; she could hold him without getting up from bed, important value for women who have just given birth.

Immediately after birth by being together mother and son benefit from the particular hormonal situation which promotes the mutual recognition and the falling in love by mothers to babies. In the first few hours after birth oxytocin, called hormone of love, reaches a maximum in the mother. For the child, suddenly catapulted into a new and unknown world, the closeness to her is a guarantee for a better adaptation to life outside the paunch. Rooming-in facilitates bonding and helps the start of breastfeeding.

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SPECIFICATION OF MaBim - Hospital baby bassinets

Other characteristics: transparent
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