RESONANCE® R35C - Devices for pediatric audiometry


DESCRIPTION OF RESONANCE® R35C - Devices for pediatric audiometry

RESONANCE® R35C Clinical Combined Middle Ear Analyzer

R35C Resonance Clinical Combined provides a flexible clinical device for

Tympanometry, acoustic reflex measurement and Audiometry.

Compact dimensions, excellent ergonomics and a luminous 7” TFT display:

R35C has been engineered to respond to the needs of ENT and Audiology Specialists,

operating both in clinic and at patient domicile.

There is no other device offering a wider range of testing capabilities and providing

hearing professionals with better features, versatility, flexibility and functionality.

R25C and R35C configurations offer a complete range

of clinical Audiometry and Timpanometry tests.

Both configurations aim to simplify daily operations and maximize efficiency.

R35C offers several options for managing and archiving .pdf test-report files.

Thanks to this audiometer, .pdf test-report files can be initially stored in a USB-stick and

then either archived into external units or printed thanks to the built-in thermal printer.

Reports can be easily edited and customized with additional texts and logos.

MDS Suite software allows patient data and tests results transfer to PC even in Noah® ambient.

Design of accessories maximizes patient comfort for the best and easiest handling

of the device.Optional accessories increase flexibility and performance.

Resonance® R&D collaborates with Universities and ENT specialists

to identify and prioritize features that are most relevant and important to them.

High-quality components ensure device reliability as well as long-term operation.

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SPECIFICATION OF RESONANCE® R35C - Devices for pediatric audiometry

Patient type: for pediatric audiometry
Type: clinical diagnostic audiometer, clinical diagnostic tympanometer
Technology: digital
Ergonomics: table
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