FISIO BOX - Breast pumps




The breast pump FISIO gives the mother the natural feel of breastfeeding by faithfully and smoothly reproducing the action of a breastfeeding baby. It offers comfort and the opportunity to extend breastfeeding (single or dual pumping) by combining simplicity of use and easy maintenance.

It allows an easy collection of the milk, thanks to its two phases:

The first phase is the stimulation for causing the reflex of ejection of the milk: rapid cycle, low suction

The second phase is the expression that allows the milk collection: slower cycle and higher suction level

The breast pump FISIO is easy to use. The regulation knob allows the mother to adjust the cycle and the suction power easily in order to obtain a good expression according to her own level of comfort.

It is equipped with the KOLOR® EXPRESSION KIT which adapts itself perfectly to the physiology of the breast.

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