UNISTAT® 1310310C - Bilirubinometers

UNISTAT® 1310310C

DESCRIPTION OF UNISTAT® 1310310C - Bilirubinometers

UNISTAT® 1310310C

Reichert's UNISTAT® Bilirubinometer uses a photometric analyzer to provide accurate and rapid measurements of total serum bilirubin (TSB) concentration in undiluted serum. It is an instrument providing point-of-care testing for all skin types and ethnicities. The photometric analyzer is the ideal STAT-level analyzer for determining TSB in newborns.

The UNISTAT® Bilirubinometer is the most trusted and reliable STAT analysis of TSB available. The results from a recent 3rd party study determined that the correlation between the Reichert UNISTAT® and the diazo Jendrassik-Grof method was 99%.¹

1 H A Barko, G L Jackson, W D Engle;Evaluation of a point-of-care direct spectrophotometric method for measurement of total serum bilirubin in term and near-term neonates;Journal of Perinatology;01 Feb 2006;26, 100 - 105

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SPECIFICATION OF UNISTAT® 1310310C - Bilirubinometers

Options: bench-top
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