ERKAMETER 3000 - Mercury sphygmomanometer


DESCRIPTION OF ERKAMETER 3000 - Mercury sphygmomanometer


As a pioneer in blood pressure measurement, our products must meet the highest demands. For the past 125 years, the name ERKA has stood for reliability and professionalism at its best. For example the Erkameter 3000. Before its delivery, it undergoes the ERKA. A total of 49 individual controls, from material testing to comprehensive function inspections, ensure the perfection that you can rely on.

Erkameter 3000 is a modern ergonomic, high German quality CE marked desktop blood pressure device in light-grey ABS plastic case and it perfectly fits for use in surgeries and clinics. Sphygmomanometer is equipped with a closure so cuff can be easily changed in a second without any additional effort.

Features of Erkameter 3000:

• Comfortable and easy to wear, washable
• Modern ergonomic design
• Unbreakable capillary system instead of a conventional glass tube
• Square section capillary to read out and measure without parallax error
• Discharge valve for sensitive adjustment
• Accuracy guaranteed to +/- 3mm
• High quality chromium-plated
• Automatic mercury safety catch


• Model / mercury blood pressure meter
• Weight / 1,060 g
• Gauge tube, 300 mmHg, 1.92 x 5 mm angle type (+-0.1mm)
• Automatic valve for mercury compounds and lid opening and closing time (45 degrees)
• Cuff, 13 x 55 cm, green, made of cotton with a Velcro
• 2 rubber bag and rubber tubes with
• Send balloons and natural rubber, non-slip materials
• Plastic case pieces

FACTS. Here you can find some facts about Erkameter 3000:

Have you known that:

• The robust housing made of ABS is stable, secure and impact resistant

•  A modern air filter regulates the pressure and, when used properly, protects the user from discharge of mercury

• When closing the device, the automatic safety allows the mercury to drain completely from the capillary to the tank, thereby ensuring safe transport

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Take advantage of the free XXL Guarantee - in addition to the implied warranty - of 3 extra years. Register your device at to achieve a total guarantee protection of 5 years for this product.

SPECIFICATION OF ERKAMETER 3000 - Mercury sphygmomanometer

Type: mercury
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