LunoCard/Spiro - Electrocardiographs


DESCRIPTION OF LunoCard/Spiro - Electrocardiographs


Stress test ECG system

Cardio and pulmonary stress tests

Windows based stress test system offers simple, functional and familiar to user interface. Imaging of Flow-Volume loops. Automatic and manual detection of anaerobic threshold according to the Modified V-Slope method (Wasserman).

Equipment for ECG stress test

Stress test ECG systems meet the specific needs of hospitals and research laboratories. PC based ECG equipment calculates and processes the received signal, analyzes heart rate variability, provides analysis and control of diagnostic data applications displaying the information on the monitor and allows to print it when necessary.

Bicycle ergometers and treadmills Hermes

Sitting or horizontal bicycle ergometers or treadmills with a programmed stress control. Manual (Hermes 150, Hermes 500) or motorized (Hermes 550) adjustment of height and pedals, which allow stress echo test to be performed on children and athletes.

ECG vacuum electrode system Touch

Simple connection to standard ECG patient cable. Vacuum capacity adjustment with remote control. Accumulator capacity sufficient for 6 h. Integrated defibrillation protection. Vacuum electrodes provide fine contact with skin.

Analysis of respiratory function

LunoSpiro performs gas exchange analysis according to respiratory cycle (VO2, VCO2) in real time. Paramagnetic oxygen sensor and digital infrared carbon dioxide sensor provide uncanny accuracy of trial.

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SPECIFICATION OF LunoCard/Spiro - Electrocardiographs

Type: digital
Applications: resting, stress test
Number of channels: multi-channel
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