ELI™ 380 ERGO - Electrocardiographs


DESCRIPTION OF ELI™ 380 ERGO - Electrocardiographs


Elevate your level of care.

The ELI 380 ERGO* is designed to make the total ECG experience better- from the actual procedure your staff performs, to the accuracy and security of the data acquired, to the overall patient care experience you can provide.

Simplified ECG Exams

With a 180 degree swivel and 120 tilt capability, ERGO moves with you so exams can be performed without leaving the patient’s side. Privacy in busy areas is also promoted by turning the display toward only those who should view the information on screen.

The capacitive touchscreen makes navigation easy from any angle, and being calibration-free with a chemically strengthened glass surface, it’s a solution that was built to last.

Additionally, automation is built into demographic entry and patient selection through download of orders or ADT, combined with use of a barcode scanner to select the right patient.

Improved Care

As with all our electrocardiographs, we follow the recommendations put forth by the ACC, AHA, and HRS for baseline filtering (0.05 Hz) and exceed upper frequency cutoff (300 Hz) for both adults and pediatrics. We provide data you can stand by to make accurate interpretations and provide the best level of care for your patients.

Enhanced Security

We understand that ELI 380 has to connect easily to your data management system, and that connectivity and security go hand-in-hand. ELI 380 features SECUR-it to promote the safeguarding of patient health information (PHI). SECUR-it keeps PHI safe in a number of ways including encryption, authentication and authorization using your LDAP or Active Directory service, automatic termination of sessions, and logging of users.

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SPECIFICATION OF ELI™ 380 ERGO - Electrocardiographs

Type: digital
Applications: resting
Other characteristics: with touchscreen
Number of channels: multi-channel
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