Cardialys - Electrocardiographs


DESCRIPTION OF Cardialys - Electrocardiographs

Cardialys, the first 12 to 18 simultaneous leads ECG !

Cardialys is a digital portable device including the capture of the conventional 12 leads plus 6 additional leads – V7, V8, V9, V3R, V4R, V5R (or VE) – allowing 18-simultaneous lead ECG traces.

Cardialys has wire electrodes connected to a tiny box generating Bluetooth™ wireless transmissions to a PC or smarphone. Prize-winning innovation, Cardialys is the first ECG of this type. It allows to view and analyze heart zones that are not explored by a 12-lead device.

Cardialys is compliant with the EC medical recommendations for emergency care.

Health professionals can perform 12 to 18-lead ECG traces with the best comfort:

* immediate positionning of the 16 electrodes

* ECG trace real-time preview (monitoring-like) allowing easy detection and recording

Reliable and easy to use:

* Cardialys is a lightweight portable ECG (420g) in a small format

* The capture is made in a single capture, without electrode changes or manual correction of the traces

Cardialys generates high-precision and compressed digital traces:

* automatic and wireless Bluetooth transmission and view on a PC

* stored in a Patient file for a network consultation

* transfer to a remote medical centre via Internet, GPRS/3G/4G, satellite or radio link


SPECIFICATION OF Cardialys - Electrocardiographs

Type: digital
Applications: resting
Other characteristics: portable, wireless, hand-held
Number of channels: 18-channel
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