Sentinel-V TidalGard - Compact pulse oximeters

Sentinel-V TidalGard

DESCRIPTION OF Sentinel-V TidalGard - Compact pulse oximeters

Sentinel-V TidalGard

Does more. Costs less.

Now more affordable than ever, the new TidalGard handheld monitor is compact and portable with a crisp High Definition LCD color display and Dual Diagnostic Waveforms. It provides immediate clinical feedback of SpO2, PR, EtCO2 and FiCO2 during anesthesia, such as depth of anesthesia, cardiac output and perfusion.

The TidalGard S monitors digital SpO2 and PR. The TidalGard SC, which includes the EtCO2 sensor, also monitors EtCO2 and FiCO2. (The EtCO2 sensor can be added at any time to the TidalGard S). Veterinarians love the flexibility of the TidalGard with the choice of five available SpO2 sensors; Y-clip lingual (included standard), and optional rectal, transflectance, flexible wrap and c-clip, for the ultimate in sampling site selection, making it ideal for any patient, any procedure.

Bright 2.4" High Definition LCD color display

Reduced to the size of a smart phone

SpO2 / PR / EtCO2 / FiCO2

Pulse Rate Range: 25-400+ BPM

Pulse strength bar

Easy, intuitive operation

Accurate, reliable reading during low perfusion annd motion

Dual Diagnostic EtCO2 and SpO2 waveforms

Graphical trend review

Pre-set alarm limits for cats, dogs and horses

User-adjustable alarm limits

Data storage for up to 100 patients; 72 hours for each patient

Five available SpO2 sensors for ultimate sampling site flexibility

Rechargeable NiMH batteries with 5-hour monitoring life

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SPECIFICATION OF Sentinel-V TidalGard - Compact pulse oximeters

Configuration: compact
Other characteristics: with capnograph
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