WAVEMOTION ELLIPSE S2 - Examination tables




Calling to mind Watsu aquatic movements, the WaveMotion™ Bodywork table facilitates fluid movements to enhance bodywork treatments. The top rotates 360°, plus it inclines and tilts up to 7° in all any direction. With each massage application, the table gently rocks the client, providing additional therapeutic benefits.

The table is height adjustable, with smooth pneumatic lift using a foot control. The tabletop locks into place for traditional massage services.

This treatment is inspired by joint release techniques, physical therapy, Trager psychophysical integration, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, General Osteopathic Treatment and the Harmonic Technique from Prof. Eyal Lederman. This technique has been shown to provide pain relief, increased circulation, deep relaxation, and a heightened sense of wellbeing.

Feeling almost weightless while moving in 3-dimensional space, this unique experience produces a surprising result: within a short time the soft and rhythmic movements induced by the therapist lead to a very deep relaxation. At the same time, the WaveMotion™ treatment has a mobilizing and vitalizing effect on the whole body.

Due to the fact that WaveMotion can be performed with clothes on, WaveMOTION is the perfect massage-technique for people who are not comfortable with or not allowed to show their undressed body. That is why WaveMOTION is a global treatment, a massage for everyone.

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Applications: rehabilitation
Operation: electric
Features: with adjustable backrest, on casters, height-adjustable
Number of sections: 2-section
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