LZ10-W - LED examination lamps


DESCRIPTION OF LZ10-W - LED examination lamps


Supplying power voltage:220v, 50hz

Rated power: 30w

Color temp:4200k

Color rendering index: ≥90%

Illumination intensity (500mm/1000mm) : 10000/30000lux

Spot size: (500mm/1000mm):80/120mm


Wall- mounted

It can be installed on any walls combing with suspension arm.

Compact but intelligent

Optimized optical structure supplies high efficient transmittance. In the meantime of eliminating shadow, it also retrains colorful halo’s producing. The rendering color index more than 90% makes a more authentic operating field.

S-shaped supporting tube

The better quality S-shaped tube provides moving at will and stopping at any location, thus to meet the stringent examination needs.


The lampshade is made of composite plastic, providing better heat dissipation and shading effect. The lines design with great tension conforms to medical technique developing trend.

Sterilizable handle

Dismantling and sterilizable handle is convenient for the operator to adjust the lamp head.

Lamp pole

It integrates all the controlling components and adapts good-looking cutting shape design.

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SPECIFICATION OF LZ10-W - LED examination lamps

Configuration: wall-mounted
Light source: LED
Intensity at 1 m: Min.: 10000 lx Max.: 30000 lx
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