Eco Line - Ex - LED examination lamps

Eco Line - Ex

DESCRIPTION OF Eco Line - Ex - LED examination lamps

Eco Line - Ex

Auto Focus

Due to high Focus Co-efficient of LEDs, the beam formation takes place at exactly 1 meter distance. Hence manual adjustment is eliminated; focus can be attained from any convenient angle by simple adjustment of distance of dome from site.

Beam Formation

Enertech LED light produces high light intensity across the full illuminate area avoiding the variable contrast lighting and distractions, and offers uniform Vision for working area. Each Reflector generates homogeneous lighting for surface. This creates an ideal depth of illumination, enabling the operator to work without the need to make the readjustments. Traditional Operating Theater lights create a high light intensity by squashing the light flux into the middle of the beam, creating a “hot Spot”. This high contrast ‘hot spot’ gives a very bright centre, leaving the rest of the field relatively dim in-comparison.

Laminar air flow compatibility and Compact design

The open design of the Enertech lights reduces the Surface area that impedes the flow of air from the air supply ceilings, resulting in a less turbulent flow underneath the light and thus controlling the contamination in the operating room. The shape of Enertech’s DOME assures the visual comfort and is particularly suitable for Laminar Flows. Lastly its compact design makes the Enertech LED light specifically small, flat and streamlined which in turn gives it s distinctive and justifiably futuristic appearance.

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SPECIFICATION OF Eco Line - Ex - LED examination lamps

Configuration: on casters
Light source: LED
Intensity at 1 m: 35000 lx can take care of all your needs, from providing you with detailed info and photos of our products to connecting you with the suppliers. Our partners can offer brand new medical equipment and excellent price – quality ratio. We are happy to provide our clients with an opportunity to find needed medical equipment online and choose a rich assortment of devices.
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