DH-S102C - Examination chairs


DESCRIPTION OF DH-S102C - Examination chairs


Performance profile

● the gynecologic operation table for the assembly of imported models, simple operation, can be suitable for various gynecological examination, gynecology and urology operation and diagnosis; integral lifting, back turned to electric operation, the leg rest plate for manual operation, support legs and other accessories can be adjusted according to actual situation of patients, medical staff are all convenient the medical operation.

● the chassis cover adopts engineering plastics molding, beautiful appearance, durable, easy to clean. Below are provided with rolling wheels, easy to move the machine.

Leather cushion, mesa of imported advanced composite skin molding, appearance is concise and fluent, there are three basic color with the color of the room. A soft pad is arranged in the middle of a semicircular notch, convenient operation, staff from the skin of dirt, pad can also be easily remove clean.

● the armrest for foaming molding, soft hard moderate, feel good.

● a pluggable leg rest plate, convenient for patients to rest.

● back is provided with a scroll of paper, for the installation of a disposable tissue.

Below the base plate is provided with a engineering plastic basin dirt.

Standard preparation

The foot pedal switch 1

Handrail 1

Legrest 2

Bearing device 1

Auxiliary table 1

Sewage water basin 1

The paper roll 1

The electric source line 1

Selected parts

Foot pedal 1 pay

No shadow light 1

Note: the surface of bed for seamless leather, forming die

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SPECIFICATION OF DH-S102C - Examination chairs

Applications: gynecological
Operation: electric
Features: height-adjustable
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