The Oracle - Spine anatomical models

The Oracle

DESCRIPTION OF The Oracle - Spine anatomical models

The Oracle

The Oracle : audible articular release model. A new spinal manipulation model through an audible articular release…named after its origination of the synovial fold hypothesis. The Oracle name was chosen because of the potential discovery of the sound source mechanism.

Practitioners performing spinal manipulation in the management of back and neck pain will find this model an invaluable resource for patient education. With a simulated elastomeric synovial fold, an audible and articular release of a “snap” is emitted when the facets are manually distracted and gapped as seen with a spinal manipulation. For chiropractors, an unlimited number of subluxations are demonstrable with the correction of zygapophyseal joints through manipulation to increase the joint space width and correction of facet alignment. The time tested signature two-part dynamic disc empowers the therapist to demonstrate the relationship of intervertebral discs and the posterior elements in a credible, realistic and interactive patient education tool. To read more about the model’s innovation, click here.

Details include:

2-part dynamic intervertebral disc (nucleus pulposus and annulus fibrosus)

simulated synovial fold that emits an audible sound when distracted

life-size and identically detailed L4 and L5

palpable smooth hyaline facet surfaces with one having a roughed surface with fibrillation showing the early degenerative changes

sharp palpable osteophyte

nuclear herniation under load

optional detailed cauda equina

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SPECIFICATION OF The Oracle - Spine anatomical models

Area of the body: intervertebral discs, lumbar vertebra
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