MET-6600R I/II - Hydraulic stretcher trolleys

MET-6600R I/II

DESCRIPTION OF MET-6600R I/II - Hydraulic stretcher trolleys

MET-6600R I/II

Dimension: L2130 x W800 mm

Back raising: 0 ~ 80° by gas-spring

Knee raising: 0 ~ 35° by manual crank (MET-6600RII)

Calf adjustment: 10 steps by ratchet (MET-6600RII)

Adjustable height: 580 ~ 930 mm

Trendelenburg and rev. trendelenburg: -18 ~ 18°

Conceal 3/4 length side rail with 6 pillar and 2

operation steps:

1st step (full height): Use for transport and offer

complete protection

2nd step (50% height): Use for therapy and prevent

patient’s falling down

Platform: Bakelite

2 sections (MET-6600RI)

4 sections (MET-6600RII)

Durable hydraulic column by foot operation

Central locking and steering caster

8" total brake caster

5th steering caster

360° operation (4 foot pedal)

Anti-crush bumper

Wheel bumper on corners

Push handle

Front side: Foldable bar

Rear side: Fixed bar

ABS chassis with oxygen holder and store compartment

X-ray cassette system

Handle operation (on both sides)

Track system with film holder

Location indicator


Mattress with PU foam x 1 unit

IV pole with storage x 2 sets

Urinal holder x 2 units

Options: (for MET-6600 only)

MT-01 Instrument tray

MT-02 Foot board with file holder (replace push bar)

MT-03 Telescopic dining table

MT-04 Body strap (3 pieces/ set)

MT-05 Vertical oxygen holder

MT-06 Detachable IV pole

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SPECIFICATION OF MET-6600R I/II - Hydraulic stretcher trolleys

Other characteristics: height-adjustable, X-ray transparent, Trendelenburg, with adjustable backrest, reverse Trendelenburg
Applications: transport
Operation: hydraulic
Number of sections: 4 sections
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