Cardiac Holter monitors

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This product category contains information about cardiac Holter monitors.

Cardiac Holter monitors are medical devices for monitoring heart activity. It can be used to detect occasional cardiac arrhythmias as well as to monitor heart rate in a short period of time. Cardiac Holter monitors can be worn even for a month or longer in order to monitor heart rate of patients who have temporary symptoms.

Usually patients feel discomfort about cardiac holter monitor examination, but there’s no pain during the whole procedure. The device can be worn on a strap across the chest or in a case on a belt and the receiver can be worn on the wrist like a watch.

NOTE. Not all devices are water resistant, so you should bare in mind, that it’s an electrical device and showering or swimming should probably be avoided.

How does cardiac holter monitor work?

A cardiac Holter monitor consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Each heart beat is transmitted to a device via electrical signals. If it’s kind of device where electrodes are attached to the chest, then the working principle is the same. Electrodes are placed on the chest so that the bones minimize artifacts from muscles movements.

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