Ke-Treat - Hemodialysis chairs


DESCRIPTION OF Ke-Treat - Hemodialysis chairs

Ke-Treat is designed expressly for patients undergoing chemotherapy or haemodialysis. It serves as an indispensable system, where patients need to sit for long time during chemotherapy treatments. Ke-Treat is characterized by extremely comfortable 13-cm high mattress crafted from memory foam that is arranged in 3 layers. Mattress is wrapped with transpiring technical material that is perfect for those, who are supposed to lay on seat for long therapies. Ke-Treat can be sanitized conveniently using alcohol and other medical devices or other disinfectants, provided they do not hold solvents. Couch provides an exceptional quality/price ratio and is delivered with a mattress having 3 sections, so that patients have an opportunity to select by themselves the most comfortable mattress position by active hand set control. Base associated with four rollaway wheels helps in cleaning procedure and assists user to move the couch.

SPECIFICATION OF Ke-Treat - Hemodialysis chairs

Other characteristics: height-adjustable
Operation: electric
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