iNstride - Surgical navigation software


DESCRIPTION OF iNstride - Surgical navigation software

The iNstride Hip Navigation software has been made to combine revolutionary technology with a solid clinical history. Such navigation instruments help surgeons by providing the data they need to position the cup and the stem. It also determines the leg length and correct femoral offset and real time intra-operative assessment of stability and range of motion. Improved accuracy for alignment is one feature of this software. The other features include instrument orientation, assessments of joint stability, ROM, leg length and offset. The benefits of this software are, referencing supports anatomical and functional pelvic planes. This software is adaptable to desired surgical workflow and it supports MIS and traditional surgical approaches. It also supports all surgical approaches (anterior/ anterolateral, lateral, posterior/ posterolateral, dual incision) and No femoral tracker required for the pinless leg length feature.

SPECIFICATION OF iNstride - Surgical navigation software

Function: surgical navigation
Application domain: for hip surgery
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