LM-ErgoGrip - Other dental instruments


DESCRIPTION OF LM-ErgoGrip - Other dental instruments


LM-ProPower´s high standard of hygiene is obtained through the unique and detailed design. It emphasizes on autoclavibility and easy, automated cleaning functions that can be activated by just pressing one button in the touch panel.

Exchangeable and autoclavable

The exchangeable LM-ErgoGrips silicone shells are autoclavable, disposing of your need for buying several expensive handpieces. The few LM-ErgoGrips included in the device will keep your practice running effectively patient after patient. The smooth outer surface of the handpiece is easy to clean and wipe and the handpiece can be also autoclaved.

Sterile solution

With even higher level of hygiene LM-ProPower SteriLED handpiece is indicated for sterile ultrasonic treatments. The external liquid supply is added directly on the handpiece. With LM-SteriLED you are able to perform sterile teatments with all LM tips. In addition to the superior hygine it offers the clinician all the renowned LM ergonomic features.


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