SMP Canada

SMP Canada

We are a company that draws on innovation and excellence to provide solutions that enhance the ability for caregivers to effectively fulfill their duties. Our goal is to build a high-performing medical technology company that gives healthcare providers the tools they need to achieve better outcomes.

We are committed to helping our customers deliver safer, more efficient, technologically advanced equipment to the market place. Caregivers throughout the world look to us for solutions because we strive for excellence and adhere to their suggestions for improvement. We bring the passion, dedication, innovation and the drive in developing solutions that matter in making a difference in the lives we help save.

At SMP, we believe results speak louder than words. Our company is one that sets high standards with an emphasis on paying attention to details. We are passionate about raising the bar and regularly surpass our own ambitious goals.

Our products comply with and conform to world renowned healthcare standards such as NFPA, HTM, CSA, CE, FDA, IEC, UL and ISO 13485.

We continually strive to achieve superior clinical results. We push the frontiers of medical research while maintaining uncompromising clinical integrity.