Orthos xxi

Orthos xxi

ORTHOS XXI is an european manufacturer located in Portugal, belonging to the universe of orthoepedic and hospital material. Founded in 2007, ORTHOS XXI suceeds ORTOMAIA, which activity began in 1985.

Through this quarter of century, ORTHOS XXI has grown and consolidated, converting itself into a recognised and respected company, a reference for many, even.

Towards the future, we have recently inaugurated a new pavillion thereby doubling our production facilities.

ORTHOS XXI adds to its condition as an european manufacturer of an ever growing range of products, the distribution of products from reputed national and international companies, through agreements with them.

We aim at consolidating our position as a vicinity one stop shop, simultaneously exploiting the special needsĀ“ aspect. ORTHOS XXI regularly participates in international promotion and trade activities, in Fairs and Congresses in the Health sector, as well as in business missions, namely in a number of european countries, America and Africa.