Ohio Medical

Ohio Medical

Ohio Medical is proud of its rich history as one of the cornerstones of the Respiratory Therapy Industry. Patient safety is our top priority! With over 75 years of manufacturing experience, Ohio Medical's vast and impressive line of high quality respiratory products provides functionality, efficiency, convenience and safety.

Ohio Medical can trace its history of the "Ohio" name back over 100 years to the Ohio Chemical & Manufacturing company founded in Cleveland Ohio in 1910. Here the company began manufacturing one of the first anesthesia gas machines called the Ohio Monovalve which was used extensively during World War I. Over the decades that followed the name evolved to Ohio Medical Products and was associated with a number of pioneering technologies in the clinical fields of Anesthesia and Respiratory Care.

Squire-Cogswell (founded in Chicago Illinois 1916) was a vital contract manufacturer for Ohio Medical Products. They developed and manufactured medical gas and suction and oxygen therapy equipment including hospital vacuum regulators, custom vacuum and medical gas pumping systems for a variety of healthcare applications. Squire-Cogswell/Aeros achievements include inventing and patenting the "Diamond 1" (also known as the "Ohio Diamond") medical gas adapter in 1951; inventing the first wall mounted intermittent suction device used for patient drainage in 1964; and introducing the first Moblvac® portable suction pump in 1975.

Ohio Medical Push-To-Set Vacuum Regulator

In 2005, Ohio Medical Corporation was formed by MVC Capital. The foundation of the newly formed Ohio Medical Corporation included the acquisitions of the Ohmeda® suction & oxygen therapy business from GE Healthcare, and the family owned Squire-Cogswell/Aeros company which manufactured portable suction equipment, medical and industrial pumping systems and medical gas pipeline products.

In 2007, Ohio Medical Corporation acquired Amvex® Corporation. This expanded our portfolio of suction and oxygen therapy products by including a global market leadership position for medical gas hoses and patented technologies for digital gauge suction regulators, and dual port wall mounted integrated air and oxygen flow meters.

Ohio Medical's products continue to lead the industry with new technological breakthroughs. With the introduction of the new Push-To-Set™ suction regulator, Ohio Medical offers the first suction regulator on the market to address a potential national healthcare concern regarding inadvertent "over-suctioning" by incorporating the patented technology of an automated occlude-to-set feature critical in setting appropriate vacuum pressure levels.

We are proud of the "Ohio" name and significant impact our products have had on the medical industry and the patients we serve. Our brands reflect a strong heritage standing for patient safety, innovation, and quality products for over 100 years!