MIGA cures abdominal obesity through the contraction and relaxation of muscles by electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).

Making the slim waist to cure abdominal obesity MIGA has newly offered the opportunity to cure obesity with new medical instruments.

Obesity is an important health problem that is on rapid rise in the world. According to the statistics of WHO, about 2 billion of the world populations have overweight. The new technology of MIGA, which realizes scientific alternative medicines, developed new medical instruments first in the world, whose effect and safety in the medical treatment of obesity have been verified through the clinical tests approved by KFDA. MIGA is an innovative small and middle-sized company that has made the excellence of its new medical instruments approved through patents not only in Korea, but also abroad. It is positioning itself as a global health care company.

Founded in 1997, MIGA has been making a great growth every year thanks to customers’ encouragement, standing for ‘making the waist slim’, and now it is positioned as the representative brand of the local obesity treatment market. The effect and safety of MIGA brands on abdominal obesity treatment, which are based on the theory of motion, have been scientifically verified. Based on the new medical technology and the customer moving service, MIGA sends its hopeful message to 2 billion obesity patients in the world, and MIGA offers the opportunity of curing obesity with new medical instruments.

MIGA always remembers that its development and growth have been made by customers’ love and encouragement for MIGA. Through continuous research and development, MIGA will do its best to become a top-ranking health care company in the world.

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