MEVIS Informática Médica Ltda

MEVIS Informática Médica Ltda

MEVIS Informática Médica Ltda was founded in November 1999, at São Paulo, Brazil.

MEVIS professionals began their working activities over 20 years ago in the Medical Physics and image processing areas when they created a Radiotherapy planning system (RTP system), still used in many services.

Main Goals

Our main goal is to bring to the region world class software, with novel planning techniques at an affordable price, keeping the cost of acquisition and service at a proper level for developing countries.

Interaction with users

MEVIS continuous interaction with the programs users allows them to participate actively in the project development process, bringing up ideas that can be added permanently if useful to most users.

In addition to the existing products, MEVIS is able to develop new products from clients specific needs and suitable to the area particularity and technologic equipment available.

Technical Support

In order to guarantee precise and qualified answers to clients doubts and problems, technical support is offered by the products own developers, no matter if they were acquired directly from MEVIS or through one of its commercial partners.

Manufacturer products