MedMinder’s Automatic Medication Dispenser is for all your Medicine: Pills, Tablets, Capsules, Caplets, Gelcaps

MedMinder provides services that simplify medication management and improve medication adherence. We are a healthcare service agency that empowers seniors, the chronically ill and people with disabilities to maintain their independence and avoid long term care facilities and (re-)hospitalization.

We are a healthcare company based in the Greater Boston Area, providing to our valuable customers the perfect and affordable solution for a complete medication management –MedMinder’s Pill Dispenser. Learn more about MedMinder’s team.

Maya pill dispenser, our flagship system, combines all of these features at a cost-effective price. It encourages medication adherence by surrounding the patient with a support system of family, friends and professional caregivers to effect positive behavioral change. Patients, in turn, enjoy peace of mind from knowing that they are taking the right medications according to their personal schedule.

MedMinder’s automated wireless pill dispenser has been proven to increase medication adherence well over 90%. We have seen considerable increase in patient compliance. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the MedMinder pillbox is sizable (making it easier for users to manage their medications and accommodate many pills in each cup), wireless (ensuring users with no prior experience or who are not comfortable with technology free of worries), and reliable (with consistent and precise reminders / notifications & a back-up battery for power outtage etc), making it the most effective and efficient solution to improving medication adherence.

The multiple reminders that will never fail to let users know when it is time to take their medications or when they have not yet taken their medications, assures them a sense of comfort and independence, also allowing them to be free of home care facilities or caregivers. Their family members or caregivers, on the other hand, can feel comfortable knowing that their loved ones / patients are taking the right medications on time. We are happy to make the lives of many, both family members and users, peaceful and worry free once again! Everyone deserves to live a happy life. You can make a change starting today. Be the individual to make positive changes to those you care about. We only live once!

MedMinder’s technology is patent-protected, and pill cups are made from FDA-approved material.