Since its establishment more than 30 years ago as a small manufacturer of basic medical furniture, medifa® has become one of the leading German manufacturers of functional medical furnishings for clinics and medical practices. The current product line ranges from standard operating room furnishings to examination couches and chairs all the way to mobile operating table systems. Our products are ideally supplemented by a separate comprehensive assortment of accessories. Since we view stagnation as going backwards, we are constantly improving ourselves and our products. In the process we never lose sight of our objective of providing better and better support for the wants and needs of our customers.

medifa® is a classic example of the fact that medium-size companies can also achieve global success. medifa® products are in demand both in Germany as well as around the world in more than 80 countries. Our dynamic growth and expansion process into new markets is well underway.

medifa®products are 100% "Made in Germany". Of course, production exclusively in Germany, high quality and innovative design for demanding clients also have their price. Our high quality products with the maximum percentage of stainless steel not only look magnificent, but also guarantee long-lasting satisfaction. Ultimately, not just the price but rather the price/performance ratio is the determining factor. In this category we are not afraid of comparisons. Guaranteed!

medifa® is an inherent part of a functioning, open and therefore growing network of relationships. Our expectations from our partners – above all fairness, candour, transparency and trust – are the same standards we set for ourselves in our relationships. Thus consistent long-term associations with our clients, suppliers as well as financing, development and consulting partners, are anything but coincidence.

medifa® is an owner-operated company with simple and clear organizational structures. Everyone knows where he stands and what is expected of him. Direct communication promotes the efficiency of all operational processes. This has the advantage that decisions on all levels can be made as quickly as possible.

medifa® = Employees and partners: this equation is right! The success of medifa is therefore the success of all employees and partners working for our company. The broad and technically extremely demanding range of products poses great challenges to all involved. Of course we realize that challenges require the proper training. Training programs as well as continuing education programs are therefore an inherent part of the medifa daily routine at all levels.