About Lanaform

Recognized internationally within the profession, Lanaform draws its experience and reputation mainly from the health, beauty and well-being fields. With a very extensive range, Lanaform enables consumers’ each and every specific need tobe met.

Innovation – Technology

The continuous development of new products at the cutting edge of technology is one of Lanaform’s ambitions. Lanaform works every day to research and develop new products to contribute to the success of tomorrow.


Above all, Lanaform is a high-powered sales team that can advise and support you in selling whatever your situation.

Whether this is in the supermarket distribution sector, the specialist sales sector or mail order or telesales, Lanaform will contribute to meeting your needs and is always able to anticipate your wishes.

Experience - Dynamism – Flexibility

Founded 35 years ago, Lanaform not only enjoys great experience but also know-how that puts it among the European leaders for Personal Home Health Care Products. One of the keys to its success is also its dynamic, flexible and very efficient structure. In addition, the company’s increasing growth since its creation enables it to have achieved a presence in over 30 countries throughout the world today.

Quality – Safety

In order to bring products of perfect quality to the market, Lanaform collaborates closely with independent certification and testing bodies such as SGS so that each product complies with current national and international standards in terms of certification and customer safety. Each product is thus checked at all stages of production before being introduced to consumers.