Famed Żywiec

Famed Żywiec

Famed Żywiec Sp.z o.o. is a leading European producer of top quality hospital equipment, including ICU beds, operating tables, trolleys, delivery beds, examination chairs and surgical lighting solutions.

Famed is committed to improving patient care and safety in Poland and the world through innovative design and reliable functionality.

Famed Żywiec and its direct predecessors share a more than 140 year-old tradition of manufacturing in Zywiec, a town in Southern Poland.

As a producer of high-quality medical equipment, Famed also offers considerable advantages as an original equipment manufacturer for Western European producers due to its cost efficient practices and breadth of product capabilities. Famed‘s well-trained workforce gives it a key competitive advantage in this highly-skilled, manual-labor intensive business.


The Company commenced operations in 1867 in Zywiec as small chemical manufacturer.

After a change in ownership in 1901, the Company moved into woodworking, first producing matches and then gradually expanding production into metal fabrication. In 1921 the Company started manufacturing more advanced chrome-plated steel furniture. In 1946 the Company was nationalized and became a state owned enterprise under the brand name Fabryka Mebli Stalowych "Wschód" w Zadzielu. It soon changed its profile to hospital furniture and became part of the Famed group of Polish medical equipment manufacturers. In 1964 a large infrastructure project included damming the Sola river, resulting in the flooding of the Famed’s original site. Famed moved its headquarters and manufacturing to Zywiec Zablocie, where it sits today.

Our mission:

Drawing on our heritage, and pride in our craftsmanship, we help medical professionals improve and save lives by providing medical equipment at the optimal intersection of reliability, performance and affordability.

Management Systems:

At Famed we manufacture all our products in accordance with ISO-9001 and ISO 13485 certified quality management systems. As part of our commitment to environmental protection, we have implemented and maintain an environmental management system that meets the Cleaner Production and ISO 14001standards.

Official website: http://www.famed.com.pl/