Always Simple. Never Simplistic.

Whether it’s through smarter features or more intuitive design, we always look for ways to improve and enhance those experiences. That’s why at DigiO2, our healthcare devices and telehealth services not only incorporate the most advanced technology, they are also incredibly user-friendly, so they really do have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Our Company

Established in Taiwan in 2008, DigiO2 is dedicated to developing and manufacturing intuitive, technology-driven healthcare solutions within its two core lines of business: healthcare devices and telehealth. With full, in-house research and development capability—staffed by experienced soſtware, hardware and firmware teams—DigiO2’s healthcare devices and telehealth services are always designed, tested and refined with the end-user in mind.

We create a range of intuitive healthcare devices—such as thermometers, oximeters and nebulizers—for infants, children and adults. DigiO2’s advanced telehealth platforms allow patients to record vital signs from their homes and upload data to the cloud via a smart- phone, tablet, or any healthcare device with bluetooth capability.

Our Mission

At DigiO2, we simplify the complicated. From product design to consulting services, we strive to make things easier by creating intuitive, technology-driven solutions that have a positive impact on people’s lives—whether they’re children, adults, doctors or patients. For us, that means perfecting those small details that touch our customers in their day-to day lives.