Columbia Dentoform® Teaching Solutions

Columbia Dentoform® Teaching Solutions

Columbia Dentoform® dates back to 1917 when Ben Spitzer sold articulators and attachments to dental laboratories. He created the first manikin for dental teaching and practice, and sold it to the University of California at San Francisco. It was subsequently used in course work and, for the first time, provided an effective means to ensure basic competency before providing treatment to patients.

Mr. Spitzer further developed products that simulate the density of skin, gingival tissue, and dentition that accurately replicates permanent human teeth. Indeed, the tooth material he created has the same hardness of human teeth. Mr. Spitzer also invented radiopaque plastic teeth for use in teaching proper radiographic techniques.

Today, Columbia Dentoform® continues to develop a wide range of models and teeth, including teeth with caries and abnormalities, in order to provide the dental community with superior simulation alternatives as well as patient education models.

Quality Assurance

Columbia Dentoform® consistently gets high marks from dealers and customers. Raw materials receive a 3-stage inspection. Additionally, inspections take place at inventory control and by department supervisors prior to production. In fact, everything from raw materials to the finished product undergoes 10-15 quality control inspections before a product leaves our manufacturing facility.

Customer Service

Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with prompt, courteous service. We have customer service personnel who speak English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Tagalog.

Columbia Dentoform® stocks many of its models and teeth for next day delivery. Products that are not available for immediate delivery are given shipping dates consistent with our customers' requirements.