Cardiocom mission:

• To provide innovative telehealth services and remote telemonitoring technology, paired with integrated health management solutions.

• To encourage proactive behavior change in real-time preemptive intervention facilitated by remote telemonitoring.

• To motivate patients, caregivers, and health professionals to work as a team, to improve outcomes and reduce costs by timely information and personalized communication provided by remote telemonitoring.

• Daily cost-effective telemonitoring of high-risk patients’ vital signs, symptoms, and compliance with evidence-based guidelines may be the most important decision support tool in the care management process.

Cardiocom values:

• HIGH QUALITY, HIGH VALUE: Commitment delivering telemonitoring products and services that are of the highest quality, highest value and lowest cost through controlling vertically integrated business processes from beginning to end.

• INNOVATION: To invest heavily in research and development in an effort to anticipate customer needs and deliver new, innovative telehealth products and services for the best in telehealth technology. Cardiocom has a proven record of being first to market with advanced features that improve telehealth patient care.

• INTEGRITY: Cardiocom team members always act with the highest principles and are guided by what is ethical and right for customers or their patients.

• SUPERIOR SERVICE: Helping customers achieve their goals and building relationships based on trust is the key to Cardiocom’s success. Customers’ input is valued and respond quickly to their needs. Cardiocom stands behind their products and services with unparalleled support.

Cardiocom History:

Cardiocom® is a proven leader in Integrated Clinical Telehealth Services for daily remote patient monitoring and disease management. Cardiocom provides telehealth systems since 1999 and furnishes 750,000+ patient months of telehealth services. Cardiocom is a world-class developer, manufacturer and clinical telehealth solutions provider with cutting-edge, yet user-friendly telemonitoring products and services.

Cardiocom’s innovative home telemonitoring equipment and telehealth services enable health professionals to identify symptomatic patients and intervene early to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations. Cardiocom addresses Heart Failure, COPD, Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Obesity. Cardiocom offers a variety of health monitoring products and service options to meet various organization’s specific needs.

Cardiocom is consistently ranked as a top-tier telehealth and telemonitoring solution provider and has received numerous accolades including the Enabling Technology of the Year, Remote Patient Monitoring Award North America 2011 from Frost & Sullivan. Cardiocom® can provide in-house case managers with the Cardiocom OMNIVISOR PRO ® Patient Management System, TELESCALE ® for CHF management and COMMANDER for complex patients with multiple diseases.

Cardiocom is an expert in the fields of medical technology, development, manufacturing and clinical service programs. The founders of the company have more than 75 medical device patents. Cardiocom strong investment in new telehealth technologies combined with integrated nurse call center services provides a unique value proposition on the market.

Cardiocom® provides LHC Group and other reliable partners easy-to-use telehealth technology and clinical support equipment to keep customers healthy in-home and out of the hospital. T3 - Transitions, Training, and Triage are developed to support patients disease management approach that has been clinically proven to reduce emergency room visits and prevent avoidable readmissions.

Tabletop platforms:

These platforms are used to collect patient biometric and symptom information daily, connecting with peripheral devices to securely deliver both symptom and vital measurements to healthcare providers. All peripherals easily connect through color-coded ports on the back of each device.

Cardiocom provides such tabletop platforms as:


The Linkview Wi-Fi platform is a video-based system that connects patients and providers through a touch screen interface, enabling face-to-face contact. This interactive health assessment and education platform collects vital sign biometrics and transmits the data to the health care provider immediately. LinkView features a large color touchscreen and offers an array of additional patented telehealth features such as Branching Logic, Rotations, Personalized Messaging, Multi-Format Survey, etc.

Features of LinkView:

• Video-based communication
• Touch screen user interface (easy interface with active voice)
• Multi-survey format
• Integrated blood pressure
• WiFi and cellular configuration (can be switched on/off as the external environment changes)
• Rotations (can be configured for linear or rotational messaging)
• Personalized messaging
• Branching logic (targets questions that are pertinent to the individual patient)

The Commander Flex platform is a remote patient monitoring device which helps home telehealth management and education for patients with serious conditions such as heart failure, hypertension, COPD, diabetes. The Commander Flex system allows daily monitoring of symptoms and vital signs to anticipate events, assess risk and communicate with patients before an intense event such as a hospitalization, providing most appropriate cost and effective care to their patients.

Features of Commander Flex:

• Bluetooth wireless health device profile (HDP) for transmitting medical data
• Large, LCD graphic display for interaction and education
• Vital sign and other key data can be trended and accessed right on-screen
• Audible voice and written prompts to enhance interactivity
• Brightly lit LCD display (easy to read, adjustable speech volume, large textured buttons)
• Multi-survey format
• Integrated blood pressure, ability to measure heart rate
• Cellular and standard telephone configuration
• Rotations (linear or rotational messaging)
• Two-way personalized messaging (healthcare providers can send customized information to individual patients)
• Branching logic (targets health status questions pertinent to the individual patient)

Services provide excellent-quality clinical and economic outcomes:

Cardiocom claims that early intervention based on telehealth’s precise, objective, quantitative and qualitative measurement is the key to effective care coordination programs. Cardiocom philosophy for successful chronic disease management involves bringing together patients and their health care team to improve outcomes. The main goal is improved quality of care for patients and reduced healthcare costs for payors and providers.

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