Bioelettronica founded in December 1995 is an equipment manufacturer which produces and sells devices for blood bank handling from collection to separation.


Bioelettronica knowledge based on more then twenty years team experience in technology of medical & diagnostic equipments, presented in early 1996, BagPRESS Bio45 Blood Component, the first unit full working with the widest range of T&T and T&B blood collection systems


Bioelettronica is located Milan, in the Northwest region of Italy where 35% of the Italian blood collections are active.


Bioelettronica is also a service team for technical assistance, training and support with more then 30 representatives and respective service and sales people spread across Europe, Middle East, Far East and Brazil.


Today, Bioelettronica products are active in blood bank daily routine, over Europe, Asia and Latin America, based on distribution agreements with local leader companies in this field.