BGS GENERAL SRL was established in the 1970s, quickly becoming a leader vacuum technology, thanks to the quality of its products and in-house know-how.

In 1996, B.G.S. SRL merged with GENERAL ENGINEERING ITALIANA SRL (“GENERAL”), specializing in the design and construction of “NEW VAC” oil and dry HIGH VACUUM systems, used primarily in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and electromechanical industries.

In 1999,

In 1999, BGS GENERAL SRL was assigned representation in Italy for “Tuthill Vacuum Systems Ltd.” for the “EXCLUSIVE” sale and distribution of original “Kinney” vacuum pumps and their related components manufactured by the parent company “Kinney Vacuum Division” – Canton (U.S.A.), formerly marketed and distributed by GENERAL ENGINEERING ITALIANA.

In 2001, BGS GENERAL SRL was awarded ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

In 2003, it obtained CE0476 Certification for the Quality Assurance System for Medical Gas Vacuum Systems.

In 2003, BGS GENERAL SRL became authorized for the sale and promotion of VOKES products, and in particular the STREAM-LINE oil treatment systems.

In 2004, BGS GENERAL SRL was awarded ATEX Certification for vane compressors.

In 2008, BGS GENERAL SRL obtained ATEX Certification for dry screw pumps.

In 2014, BGS GENERAL reached an important milestone: 40 years in business.

BGS GENERAL SRL designs and manufactures a broad range vane vacuum pumps and related accessories, in the following categories:


– oil lubricated rotary vacuum pumps

– dry rotary vacuum pumps

– rotary vane compressors

– side channel blowers

– central vacuum systems

– anaesthetic gas scavenging systems

– Medical gas vacuum systems


BGS GENERAL SRL products are used in a variety of industries, such as:

– food

– mechanical/engineering

– handling /packaging

– textiles

– chemical/petro-chemical/pharmaceutical/medical/laboratories

– optics/photography

– pneumatics

– woodworking/cardboard

– plastics/thermo-moulding

– water treatment systems

– electronics/electro-technical applications/measurement and control instrumentation