Atys Medical

Atys Medical

Atys Medical is specialized in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of diagnostic medical devices for:

Vascular medecine,



Follow up of diabetic patient,


Anaesthesia, resuscitation,(transcranial Doppler, cardiac output monitor)

Intensive cares (transcranial Doppler, cardiac output monitor)



Laboratory small animal imaging.

Very active on the global market, Atys Medical generates 80 % of its turn over abroad through a network of exclusive distributors and 20 % in France with its own sales people.

Atys Medical places emphasis on innovation. The company has always invested in research and development both in terms of technology and above all in terms of human resources. Our team of experienced engineers keeps developing new products in collaboration with prestigious medical doctors and research university laboratories.

So, Atys Medical continuous adaptation to the requirements of the market combining high technology with relaibility together with product quality and attractive pricing has consolidated on the global market Atys Medical's position as a leader in the following fields:

Vascular Doppler,

Transcranial Doppler,

Non invasif cardiac output monitoring,

High frequency ultrasound for skin imaging,

Functional evaluation of vascular system.

Besides, Ays Medical brings the customers to the center of the company values, at any level. Their feedbacks, preoccupations and priorities are really taken into account to consistently adapt Atys Medical's products and services to better serve their needs.

Customer satisfaction is Atys Medical's first priority.