Anetic Aid

Anetic Aid

The Theatre Equipment Specialists

Innovative technology - practically applied

From being formed in 1977 to market and support products manufactured by associate company Portsmouth Surgical Equipment, AneticAid has seen its product range grow to offer a variety of equipment to Theatres, Day Treatment Centres, Accident & Emergency and many other hospital departments.

Our mission is:

to manufacture and market operating theatre equipment to the highest standards of innovation, materials and workmanship - with a customer and after-sales service that is second to none.

One of its core product ranges - the QA3 Patient Trolley System - has proved immensley popular and is now a familiar sight in more than 90% of UK hospitals. This has been complemented by the pioneering QA4 Surgery Trolley System, offering a total solution for modern day treatment centres.

The company is also a leading provider of tourniquet systems – most recently with the AT4 Tourniquet System and its range of associated products like the popular Six-use Day Tourniquet Cuffs.

Other products include Operation Table Accessories (including the Trulife range of Pressure Reliving Gel Supports and Allen Amatech positioning devices) Pressure Care Mattresses, Stainless Steel Theatre Furniture, Surgical Instruments, Electro-surgical Accessories and Fibre Optic Instruments. There is also a host of miscellaneous items – ranging from absorbant table sheets, blood pressure bags and pre-operative gloves.

Made in the UK

With their manufacturing base in Portsmouth, AneticAid is proud of being one of the few remaining UK medical device manufacturers in their field of products.


AneticAid is an ISO 13485 certified company, priding itself on the fact that quality is an aspect of everything that we do in the course of our business.

Global Distribution

The company is not limited to the UK healthcare industry, and has a growing network of international agents and distributors.

Rapid Delivery

Because of its near 10,000 square metres of warehouse facility, the company offers 48 hour delivery on many of its +5000 catalogue items held in stock.