AGAPLASTIC Ind. Com. Ltda. is based in Rio de Janeiro – RJ, Brasil. The company started operating in January 1995 focusing the development and production of plastic devices for medical-nosocomial, odontologic and cosmetic use.

In December 1996 the company began a commercial partnership with pharmaceutical group SmithKline Beecham, now GlaxoSmithkline. The synergy between both companies started with the exclusive production of pediatric products: 10mL dosage spoon and flavored plastic tongue depressor, tutti-frutti.

This partnership was responsible for the beginning of exportation processes executed by our company, which today performs independently in important markets, such as: Latin America, Central America, Europe, Asia, United States and Middle East.

The company’s current board, since 1997, maintains as a market presence policy, the participation in the most important international events and fairs for the plastic device and the medical-nosocomial products business segment, pledging market updates and attracting new and potential markets of its products.

Our customers vary between companies from the pharmaceutical segment, cosmetics, independent professionals – doctors, dentists, speech language pathologists, hospitals, clinics, distributors and now, even the consumer public in general, with the AgaChamber Extra Mod. Home Spacer, which diffuses medication for carriers of respiratory diseases.


Agaplastic’s board of directors promoted the structuring of its Quality Management System - QMS, maintaining the conquest and sequent re-certifications from national and international ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2012 and RDC 16/ BPF to all production processes executed by the company. Our QMS is permanently documented, implemented and maintained, according to good operation and production methods, aiming for continuous improvement of its efficiency and effectiveness.


Independently from the clientele segment, be it internal or external, a satisfaction regarding the service includes the alignment to legislation and regulations related to our business, including the Good Methods of Manufacture, besides the NBR ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2012.

The orientations and procedures from the QMS were established in a way that continuous monitoring could be viable, in order to identify opportunities for updates and improvements that assert a constant satisfaction of our customers, consequent from commercial partnerships and loyalty to our products.


Client Satisfaction; Safe Work Environment; Satisfied and compromised collaborators with the company’s objectives; Quality in everything that is produced; Responsible entrepreneurship; Integrity, growth and profitability.