AirFast - Inhalers, Inhalation chambers


DESCRIPTION OF AirFast - Inhalers, Inhalation chambers

The new Airfast chamber allows for faster and more regular treatment, and it produces a greater amount of nebulised medication and particles whose size is suited for complete treatment of the respiratory tract than traditional chambers on the market.

AirFast is practical, ergonomic and effective. .

1. Practical: because it is the only phial on the market with just 2 parts, thanks to the integrated Psiper located in the upper part. This system makes the product easy to use and to clean Airfast can be filled directly from above, and has a capacity up to 10ml in addition to a graduated scale for easy medication dosing.

2. Ergonomic: because, thanks to a number of analyses and tests conducted, its size and design were carefully studied to ensure comfortable grip and correct position in the hand. The AirFast phial is comfortably gripped by both adults and children.

3. Effective: because it is characterised by an exclusive structure made up of 8 concentric ducts independent of that used to direct the flow of air coming from the compressor. This structure allows a more regular nebulisation thanks to an optimal diffusion of the medication in the airways. The AirFast chamber nebulises the same quantity of medication as traditional chamber in half the time; AirFast nebulises 20% more effective particles in the airways compared to a traditional phial.

Another important aspect of the AirFast chamber is its Double Venturi Effect. This system allows air to enter the chamber not only from its lower part but also from its upper part. The additional air flow coming from the outside, together with the air flow coming from the compressor, allows a greater quantity of medication to be nebulised in half the time.

SPECIFICATION OF AirFast - Inhalers, Inhalation chambers

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