VNYUS ED610 Videonystagmoscope system - Videonystagmoscopes

VNYUS ED610 Videonystagmoscope system

DESCRIPTION OF VNYUS ED610 Videonystagmoscope system - Videonystagmoscopes

The system VNYUS ED610 facilitates the viewing and recording of nystagmus obtained from classical tests of both vestibular and instrumental position and is made ​​portable by connecting via USB to a notebook. Very useful and practical diagnostic device due to small size, light weight and innovative technology that achieves high-quality images, the system VNYUS ED610 allows you to view images of the patient's eyes during the test on the screen of the Notebook and also allows you to make the Visual Suppression Test (VST) by switching on a LED inside the mask to allow the staring. The equipment consists of a power unit, a complete mask with an Ir camera and a shutter.

This device can also operate without being connected to a PC / notebook, connecting it simply by the supplied cable, allows you to view on a monitor with Analog input images from the camera.

SPECIFICATION OF VNYUS ED610 Videonystagmoscope system - Videonystagmoscopes

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